Thursday, 28 April 2011


Pžbuka was all girl punk band from Karlovac, Croatia, active only for two years.. but even in such a short period of action they had a big role on Croatian hc punk scene, I think.. music was filthy and raw hc punk.. considering on current active similar bands, they remind me a little on Beyond Pink from Sweden, only something slower music..
here is some story about them translated from This is Karlovac not L.A. and also a short video from their live show in EKH squat, Vienna..

"during the postwar inflation of the bands here, 4 girls saturated with flood of male bands decides to try out with playing.. after a couple of months of negotiation we find a rehearsal room and shortly after that an band (Monosaharidi) with which we will share it, because in that time we wasn't had any equipment except the instruments.. 1st rehearsal was held in February, 1996 and that is how Pžbuka was officially born in following line up: Silvia - guitar, Tina - drums, Struja - vocal and Đez - bass..
now we can say that those beginnings wasn't so bad, considering the fact that the only one who have some music knowledge and experience  was Silvia and we others were starting from the beginning.. but after only a few rehearsals we had some our own songs and we even start with live shows..
after a while Gabi joins the band as a 2nd guitarist, so all until Silvia's leaving from the band we play with 2 guitars.. in meantime Struja starts to sing in one more band, Starla Dick which were looking for rehearsal space and they joined us in atomic shelter..
shortly after, under the suspicious and never dismissed circumstances we leave the shelter and move to another "hole" - Partizan.. in that time were a bunch of other bands playing there and this was really the nest of Karlovac's underground..
in summer of 1997 Pžbuka records their 1st, but also the last demo "The Power Muscles of Vagina".. after that we all separated (fax, job, moving to England for doing babysitting...) so Pžbuka stops with work..
Pžbuka had a few gigs in Croatia and a gig in legendary Vienna's EKH squat.."

their demo you can download from HERE

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