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last week I received an email from this Brazilian band with kind request for help them out with spreading the word about their CD.. then Toni (vocal) send me some more info about the band and download link for their release..
"hardcore punk band with direct and simple lyrics.. that's the way how to define a style of band Dissidentes.. formed in 2002., have gone through several formations but always retained the style of sound that is characteristic for this band.. mainly influenced by international and domestic bands from the 80s and 90s as: Dead Kennedys, Circle Jerks, Minor Threat, Replicantes, Ratos de Porão, Black Flag, Os Cabeloduro, among others..
the band has recorded 3 works.. The first demo entitled "Brazil: Hunger, misery and exploitation," was recorded live and has 14 songs, without any great sound quality.. however, just "Do it Yourself." This recording was made in 2004 and still represents the old formation, with André on vocals.. 
the 2nd released record is the demo "Sedentary", recorded in 2005 and it already shows more maturity of a members and the recording quality than the previous demo. This cd has 5 songs which were half recorded live before some line up changes.. Toni, who is now leading vocalist has left the guitar in hands of Royal who returns into the band, after leaving the band due some personal problems.. Mario continues on the drums and Alex Sub on bass guitar..
The third material is the band's album "Dissidentes", where recording was made per channel on all 13 tracks, showing that the band took a few more rungs on the ladder of evolution, and was released in Avare Carnarock in 2008, where it was welcomed by the local crew..
we also had participated on some compilations, among others on Lixeria Humana vol. 6 and Abecedario Punk/Hardcore vol 2 which follows the line of Lixeria Humana.."

Dissidentes are:

Mário - drums
Royal - guitar
Sub - bass
Toni - vocals

Contacts: dissidentespunkrock@hotmail.com

Blog: www.dissidentespunkhc.blogspot.com

Myspace: www.myspace.com/dissidentes

DISSIDENTES - Dissidentes (2008) CD
so Dissidentes are band from Sao Paolo, Brazil and here we have their album from 2008.. about their influences you can read more in the info above.. their music can be described as classical old school punk/hardcore on the way how it was played back then in '80s, it means fast and simple.. on this CD we have 13 songs in decent production, but still with a lot of the d.i.y. spirit..
also considering on their name (and the names of the songs, like False Images, Prejudice, Only Hits Woman,etc...) you can easily conclude about what are their lyrics, even if they sing on Portuguese..
maybe they are not something that I would listen to every single day, but if you want to give your ears a rest of all this crust noise this is the right stuff for that.. it goes fine with me..
they offer this record for free download so here is the link..

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