Friday, 15 January 2010


 intoxicate was crust band from Samobor (Croatia), active in late '90.. one of my favorite bands from Croatia of all time.. line up was Darko - vox, Oski - vox, Ploc - bass, Fabo - guitar and Kovač - drums..

 in 1998 they recorded their first and only one demo which was released in cooperation with DHP AK-47 records and Humanita Nova records, on split tape with Radikalna Promjena (also very good and well known band at that time)..

in 2006 diy label Twisted Juice releases their, sort of, discography CD "Toxic Years" with old but also some unpublished songs..

here are few lines about them from their my space page:
Intoxicate is classic crust band with rust and filthy sound. Alcohol, glue and hash, was our inspiration. In the late 90's we emerged as one of rare bands in this part of world with raw, rusty, three-chord screaming punk which later influenced some bands around here. Although we where nothing special and we didn't play well, we where well accepted on concerts. We liked what we were doing and were not in it just for being cool. We drank and played the best way we could. Such non-professional and decadent approach probably resulted with band to stop playing. Working and rehearsing with band“Grob“ resulted in forming of J.W.Pozoj

today some members are active in bands True and J.W. Pozoj, so check them up, too..

you can download their split with R.P. and discography CD from Nečista Savjest blog HERE

their my space page HERE

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