Saturday, 24 October 2009

SENATA FOX/CYNESS/WOJCZECH 20.10.2009. AKC Medika, Zagreb

another usual day at my work till the noon when I received SMS.. something like: "would you like to go on the gig today?".. after a little hesitation, because I was still tired from the crushing weekend (we was celebrating friend's birthday and all that turns in 2 days intoxication, as usually), I decide to go.. after agreement with 2 mates we go somewhere around 6:30PM.. drive to Zagreb was all well, but then standard losing all over around.. if there is some competition how to get lost in Zagreb I shall sign in and I'll probably win.. after 1 hour of unsuccessful searching of Medika squat we take deep concentration (hehe) and map in our hands and we finally find the squat.. when we arrived there we figured that we passed by at least 10 times but we didn't see the squat..horror.. that was first time that we was in Medika, and I must say that I was surprised because of its size.. all the building looks nice and it have a lot of space..
when we was entered, there was Senata Fox already played.. fast trashy hardxcore.. we saw just few songs of them..
after them Germans Cyness grind band from Podsdam (Germany).. they was interesting, especially their singer which was, with his jumping around, running and performing acrobatics with the microphone all the time, warm up the crowd.. I would say that there feels influence of Napalm Death in their music.. at least I experience them like that..
after short pause on the stage comes Wojczech form Rostock (Germany).. grind core slaughtering with 3 vocals which are alternating all the time.. the lead vocalist sounds like someone slaughter him.. the last song they played cover of some German trash band (I forgot its name) and that was maybe the best song.. very fast..
BTW, this gig was part of euro tour of those two bands..beside Croatia they was visited Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria.. after the gig much of the crowd stay to hang out at Medika (there was a lot of people considering that was Tuesday) and we goes home because I was working in the morning.. and finaly, as one of my mates has been said: "and we saw this,too".. another two bands which was worth to see live..


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