Thursday, 29 October 2009

DEFEKT interview

DEFEKT is anarcho/street punk band from Skopje (Macedonia) formed in 2002 by the its vocalist and ex guitar player..questions was answered by Pepe (vocal), so big thanks goes to him.. enjoy in the interview!..

c.f.: first question,maybe a little boring but important.. beginnings of the band, current line up, etc.?

DEFEKT: well the band have its first rehearsal in 2002. In that time we were 4 people,but line up was changing constantly,some were coming others were going.But from the beginning of Defekt it has always been more like a crew full with our friends and people who share the same ideas like us.Now its me(vox and guitar)and Pucha(drums).

c.f.: I know that you have a lot of line up changes in your past.. you even stopped with your work for  some time.. tell us something about that..

DEFEKT: Oh yea,at the beginning the line up was changing very often.Honestly I don't know why,but that's like a curse on our band.And the first gig was in 2007..the band was disfunctional for few years.But then finally defekt was in full line up witch was result for constant practicing,gigs and our first album "Sezona na Lov"(Hunting Season).

c.f.: on your my space page I saw that you put there download links for your releases.. that means you don't have nothing against downloading music from the net for free!? your opinion about the internet in general?
DEFEKT: yes,they are free to download 'cause we don't want any profit,we are for social changes,and in other way I think its good for bands like us who don't have much material support for spreading the music.And about internet it has its good and bad stuff.

c.f.: you have songs named "pivo", "pijan pesak" but also some like "policijska država".. would you describe yourself as politically engaged band or not? and what are your lyrics about?
DEFEKT: defekt is politically engaged band.I mean how can we not be,when there are so bad things happening in the society and world,and in our songs you can find lyrics from political,what we hate and love,problems in society,through that to the alcohol,drugs,having fun,bored times...

c.f.: how are currently things in Macedonia? how is situation with the scene, bands, gigs...? and how is everyday life?

DEFEKT: The scene is good,I mean there are a lot more bands than few years ago,not just in the punk scene,in underground scene.I can remember before there was like defekt,losi deca,druzinta vep the only really active situation is much better.

c.f.: this days there are many debates about E.U., especially here in Croatia.. what is your opinion about E.U. and would you like that one day Macedonia become member of it?
DEFEKT: More of the people think that if the country become part of E.U.that will be the end of all unemployment,better life...Witch i think its not really correct.I doubt that the things will be better than,but i know that the state system and police are becoming much more brutal.trying to accomplish the requests for becoming part of E.U.,even now there are many more laws and shit,and it is becoming to look like police state.

c.f.: your opinion about fanzines? is there any sense to do a paper fanzine considering on all today wonders of technology? is there any 'zines in Macedonia?
DEFEKT: In Macedonia there are not any fanzines in this moment.Witch is really fucked up I think. my opinion about fanzines,all about it is great especially cause they are D.I.Y. thing.

c.f.: is it hard to be a band now a days? I mean equipment and all that stuffs are pretty expensive.. and with today economical situation in the whole fckn world.. is this "crisis" affected on you in any way?
DEFEKT: Its hard,yes,especially when people stand to think that being in the band is like a job.And if they not play with love and passion than it sucks.There are not much people who don't take being in the band like responsibility.And there were always problems with not having the whole equipment,so we have to improvise.Usually we get a crew of few band and share the same equipment and place for practice.But this days gotta say that even that is really fucking hard to find.

c.f.: okay, back to the band.. few years ago you was played in Croatia.. how are your experiences with people, gigs, etc. from here?
DEFEKT: What to say,the people are really very friendly,we make a lot of friendships,I'm in touch with someone still,we shared the life experiences,got drunk and have fun..

c.f.: something about your gigs.. do you like them and do you like to play drunk (heheh)?

DEFEKT: the most thing I like about our gig is that they are total chaos.And alcohol comes together with that.For me being sedated on gigs is the elixir..hehee...And a good gig mixed with alcohol and drugs are perfect combination.hehe

c.f.: do you know crew from NEW POLICE STATE? I would say that in your music feels a little of their influence!?.. or its maybe because of the language, I don't know..
DEFEKT: yes,it was real pleasure for us to play with them on The Best Of Rock Fest.having in mind that they exist somewhere about 1994 and are one of my favorite bands.When defekt started playing my biggest wish was to play with New Police State and Disorder.And it happend.

c.f.: who is working on your releases, you alone or maybe some label? your opinion about big major labels? if you will have chance to work with some major label someday, would you sign up for them or you will stay d.i.y. forever?
DEFEKT: We are D.I.Y. band  there is no way to sing for some label.Like that we will lose our freedom.

c.f.: any future plans with the band, gigs, releases, etc.?
DEFEKT: to practice more,gig all over the country,balkan tour and have fun as always..

c.f.: something for the end.. wishes and greetings?
DEFEKT: Cheers to everyone,have good time and fun,if you need something you know where to find us...


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