Saturday, 26 September 2009

GRIDE/DEZINFEKCE 18.09.2009. Time, Zagreb

another great gig at club TIME which is host to almost every band which is touring this part of Europe in last two years.. it is a great stuff, but in my opinion it would be better if there will be some local bands included like support for guests from abroad..but okay,this is theme for some other time..

when I heard that GRIDE comes to Zagreb I was enthusiastic even if I know that means another sober night for me because I was driving there but it worthed.. gig started somewhere about 10 PM and first band on the stage was DEZINFEKCE.. they exist for quite long time (started at fall of 1991,but with today line up somewhere in 1996).. they play, as they say, hardcore punk with a lot of negative energy.. they try to warm up the people and bring up the atmosphere but they didn't succeed in that.. it was obviously that all the crew was waiting for GRIDE .. I must admit that isn't my type of music,but guys was put some effort in that what they are doing and that is good.. even I liked few songs..
in the break between two bands I talked with some friends which I haven't seen for quite long time, so it was great to talk with them..

and then GRIDE, legendary Czech grinders which everyone was waiting for.. I was surprised with their great and energetic performance.. they should be example to some younger bands which are a little bit boring with their passive shows.. after so many years of making noise (they started in 1996) they still looks as they are giving all from themselves (especially their vocalist) and that was nice to see..they have two bas drums on their drummer set and that was something new and interesting to me.. I was very satisfied with their show.. yes, and two members of DEZINFEKCE also play in GRIDE, that was interesting too..
after the gig we was talking with a rest of mainly drunk crew and after that we go home happy and satisfied because of one more great gig.. after a little losing all over Zagreb (thanks to my drunk friends, hehe..) we find a way to out of Zagreb and happily arrived home..
club TIME

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