Wednesday, 9 September 2009


and finally, second edition of this festival which I was waiting for whole last year.. I was really surprised (negative) because only I and just one friend of mine were going on festival this year.. I was expecting that there will be more of us..but in the end shows up that wasn't a problem at all..
the festival was taking place at Kranj at "Izbruhov Kulturni Bazen" wich is, as a matter of fact, old abandon swimming pool ilegally used by young Slovenians involved in "AKD Izbruh".. when we arrived at the place there was pretty  much people..
bands that played first night was: Trifail, Final Approach, Nakot, Los Dolares, Ak-47, Born/Dead and Antimaster.. from this first night I remember only Final Approach, Nakot and Los Dolares because I was extremely wasted by alcohol.. F. Approach was performing covers of Razlog Za and 7 Seconds on my great pleasure,but their songs are great also so I enjoyed their show very much.. after them Nakot from Serbia.. they sound much better to me live than on their demo recordings.. a very powerful d-beat crust.. last band I remember was Los Dolares d-beat from Spain which also sounds great..
on saturday boring rain almost ruins everything, but we spent most of the day at the bar inside place and sleeping in tent, resting for the second night..
line up for second day was: Rawside, Human Host Body, Nulla Osta, Campus Sterminii, Mordare, Nula, Warcollapse, Driller Killer, Varukers.. I've enjoyed in all bands except Rawside and H. H. Body because when they are performing their show I was pretty busy at the bar (heh!).. but I must mention Nula (anarcho punk from Croatia) which was really kicked asses and I was so fucking surprised and enthusiastic because they sound the same as some15 years ago.. when I was heard stories about their reunion I didn't think that they will sound that good..
and in the end I'm very glad that i was presented at this festival because of so many great bands, even if was hard to excel bands from last year (Kurwa Aparata, FxPxOx, A. Propaganda, Drek U Pest, Konflikt, Mob 47, Pavilinul 32, True, Visions Of War, Wolfbrigade, E.N.T. and Agathocles).. this year there wasn't any biggest problems with the police even they was presented all the time.. also there was unfortunately a little bit less people then last year.. but I think that this festival slowly but for sure grows up to one of better crust punk festivals in Europe.. I can't wait next year and I hope to see more great bands and people there..
more details from traveling to Kranj and back and other alcohol adventures check up at first number of Crucified Freedom fanzine..

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