Saturday, 22 August 2009


I don't know is there any sense to post that here, but on the other side it seems to me that the first post on this blog is great place to remember at no progress fanzine.. it was edited by me and my friend, cousin, godfather (that's the same person, heheh).. it's started to bringing out at early 2001. but the idea of doing it started much earlier.. there were 3 issues and 4th was finished but never printed and official published.. in first issue there was interviews with AK-47 (uncompromising crust punk), S.P.K. (anarcho punk), few gig reports, velika gorica scene report and some personal texts.. in second issue interview with MOTORNO ULJE (oi punk), conversation between members of band BOYCOT and some guys from EPITAH.. in 3th interview with DISLIKE (kejos krast grind), info about HELLDIS.. 4th issue was never published but there been interview with DEMANT (crust), info about CAR BUSTERS organization,gig reports and many personal thinking texts.. fanzine was printed only in few copies but it provoked many reactions between people here..positive and even some negative.. some people was judging us because we was young then(I was 15 years old) and they consider that we shall change our attitude and considerations.. but today, 8 years later we're here with 99% same views and ways of thinking, so... we stopped with it because of many other obligations at that time (like school, later that army etc.) but even today lot of people ask me about it and I,m happy 'cause of that..
and for the end I just want to say once again big THANK YOU to everybody who was writing something for it or just read it..

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