Saturday, 22 August 2009

DISAGREED #1, #2 fanzine

here we have one new fanzine from Serbia which is running by Mina who is also active in bands mišomor and first issue there're views with desperata skrik, skarpretter, archagathus, nuclear frost, kolaterarna šteta and pmk records.. also there are some personal texts.. in whole zine is some strong feel of authors presence and that's why I like it..
in second issue: views vith schizophren distro/fanzine, bottox p.w pleasures, blasting dead artwork, besthoven, gadget and cranial incisored plus some reviews.. number 3 out very soon..

this zine is dedicated to one of most pozitive individuals I have met...Sara, I will allways remember your positive energy and how many times your happy face made my day at school...I will allways love and remember you...

you can read it or download for free HERE and HERE

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