Monday, 12 November 2018

super awesome catch on yesterday gig

yesterday I witnessed probably the best gig for a while in Novi Marof, Matrak Attakk and Ascidie make stop here as a part of their European journey and made some awesome fun and great gig.. they had two or even 3 distros with them and all are for some benefit causes and all prices were completely donations based and that's awesome and brings some real anarchist and diy feel to the whole story so I couldn't resist to threat myself with some nice stuff (Diaspora Lp isn't actually mine but I offer to the owner some serious money for it, hehe..)

Diaspora ‎- Gaikkodibehtet Muvrrat Vuolás LP (awesome old Finnish hc punk band, released back in 1999, really wakes up some great memories and definitely one of the best and most interesting pieces of vinyl that ever spin on my turntable..)

- Last Legion Alive / Hellstorm - split LP (stenchcore crust classic from Belgium and Greece released in 2011)

- Dis is... Malmo 2018 comp LP (great, still fresh release by Not Enough label, mentioned already many times here on the blog, the name says it all, compilation of d-beat bands from town of Malmo, Sweden.. since it's been released this was on the top of my wish list and now, totally sudden I got it in Novi Marof..)

Matrak Attakk / Ascidie - split tape (tape came in some cool package, like postal envelope with print and covers from both side, along with 'zine formed booklet with lyrics and nice cassette with cover (hand!?) printed cover on some sort of cardbord, not the usual thin ordinary paper..)

considering that yesterday was just 6th day of the tour you still can catch those awesome bands somewhere on the road, today they are in Pula and later heading to Italy (check the poster above for more details..) and I can only highly recommend it to do so, you won't regret cause it's about, not just awesome bands, but also cool, friendly and fun people to hang out to and maybe most important the people who do realize what the real diy ethics is all about and demonstrate that in perfect way..
btw, you can expect some gig report from Marof here on the blog very soon..

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