Tuesday, 31 July 2018

V/A - DIS IS MALMÖ 2018 compilation LP out on Not Enough label

Dis Is Malmö 2018 is LP compilation, as the name itself suggest, of raw punk and d-beat crust bands from Malmö, Sweden released already some 2 months ago on Not Enough label.. I'm really enjoying it since then and still it didn't bored me so I got urge to share it here also with you, if you still haven't noticed it..
16 interesting bands with, if I got this part right, brand new songs especially for this comp.. to me personally the best and probably the most known bands featured here are Voidfiller, Ursut, Crutches and Lautstürmer but others are also great and most likely in the nearest future there will be heard of them..
great name, great artwork (once again by Steve of War) and great bands are good reason to support Not Enough and give this comp a try at bandcamp where you can listen it for free and download or visit Not Enough web-shop where you can buy it, about what I'm seriously thinking..

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