Tuesday, 17 April 2018

SENF / CC / ONE BURNING MATCH / BEZDAN / GEMIŠT 14.04.2018., Stara škola, Novi Marof

I wrote this headline and for like already 20 minutes I'm staring into the screen, don't knowing what to write.. how to write a proper gig review if you went on the gig just to see some familiar faces, support the event and to see only one band you're interested in!?.. well I'm not journalist and don't know and want to write objectively so if someone from the band members gets offended because I didn't like them or not giving them enough space in this report, I apologise in front, hehe..
this Saturday I was working 'till 22:00 (oh, how I hate this 2nd shift on the weekends) which was the time when the whole thing should and in the end was starting and from the time I found out for this gig, some two months ago I was hoping that CC won't play first.. L, who organised this event convince me they won't, that few local bands from nearby Varaždin will open the show.. and then somewhere around 22:20 when I was on my way from work I've got a call from L to hurry up 'cause CC will play 2nd, right after Senf finishes their show.. luckily I already picked up Š who was going with me, we were on a half way to Marof and arrive there just on last two songs by Senf..
they are crossover metal punk band and those two songs was the first time I heard them live which is kinda strange because they are from Varaždin and they played everywhere around this area.. based on only those two songs I really don't have anything to say, I'm sure I will have the opportunity to see them somewhere else..
after their show, short pause, long enough just for say hi to some familiar crew, some was here on the last gig too, but few of them really surprises me like one old friend from Ivanić which I didn't seen, literally for ages..
then CC started to set up their gear and preparing for performance.. sound on them was somehow strange from the beginning, too loud vocals, too low drums but that didn't bother me at all because they are one of the most interesting bands here lately playing fast and pissed off hardcore punk, not on this today's usually modern way but fast and straight to the point without unnecessary complications just like it should be.. so regardless of the sound or anything else I think they would always be good and interesting to watch as far as I'm concerned.. I like the fact that vocalist talk between the songs, for example about what they are, also they dedicate almost every song to someone so ..crucified freedom.. get also one - Liar, which I mentioned as my favourite by them in some comment here on the blog, really pleasant surprise.. even if they started show in front of just few people by the end of their appearance Stara škola filled a little with crew attracted with their furious hc punk.. maybe there was some traces of tiredness visible in their performance because the day earlier they played and party in some 200 km far away Ljubljana, but they did this show fair and uncompromised as always.. yes, and they played without the original guitarist who broke arm or something and to the guy who was replacing him this was just the 2nd gig with them, if you were listening CC before you know that the guitar, beside an angry vocal is one of the biggest trademarks of this band and considering on everything they were more than just good.. as icing on the cake they finished the show with cover of Sacrilege's Life Line, just perfect!.. Š said that they are like new Nonsense, well I didn't think about that before but if nothing else I don't mind to go on "hundreds" of their gigs like we were going on Nonsense ones..
after them, One Burning Match from France who are on tour (Marof was their 1st stop in Croatia, they also visited Rijeka, Zadar and Pula).. well to be honest from the time I saw announcement about this gig I was sure I won't like them.. it's about this more modern, melodic hc punk that just doesn't affect me too much.. if nothing else they sounded mighty from the start, it's easily seen that they know how to play, they are all into what they are doing and I do appreciate this.. during their show some people who I don't usually see on such events appeared and make some chaos in front but luckily noone gets hurt so it was on some strange way interesting and funny to see that too, 'cause it isn't a thing seen a lot on gigs in Marof lately.. also before and after the show they left a good impression as a persons and they seems like cool crew, even one member was helping to the organisers to collect the empty bottles and garbage from the parking lot in front of the place, well I didn't see that for a while..
something longer pause after them we use for some more hanging and joking with friends, drink some juice (yes you read it right, juice.. I don't drink alcohol for two months and I fell kinda strange on gigs..)..
next were Bezdan old school thrash/black metal from Čakovec, regardless on their genre they are common guests at diy hc punk shows and festivals.. can't tell anything clever about them 'cause I'm not into this music at all, only that the interesting fact about them is that the vocalist is in the same time drummer, maybe not so common case for the genre..
as Bezdan were playing like forever it was already past 2:00 when it was the time for the last band of this evening - Gemišt, grindcore band inspired with Zagorian hills and vines, mostly known by their split CD with Agathocles and playing gigs all over Croatia and few of them in Slovenia.. also they had on distro new two sided t-shirts which are one of the most awesome band shirts I ever saw and if I am a bigger fan of the band, grindcore or at least the drink from which they get their name I would buy one for sure.. they opened gig loud and surprisingly they wasn't drunk as it was expected but the thing is that this is probably the only band in this world that I like more on the recordings than live.. live they sounded more like brutal death, gore grind bands and that's just not my cup of gemišt (a, get it!? hehe).. when it's about grind I'm more into old school style of it and they are definitely closer to that sound on their releases than live.. as I was already extra tired, Š was having enough of beers, crew with which we hang out disappeared we decided to go home on half of Gemišt's show.. later I heard that they also played a long set, longer than usually..
all in all, one more good gig in Marof, surprisingly a lot of people, I'm extra glad that I saw CC live once more, also get promo CD Wasteland, seen some friends and so on.. only kinda sorry that we missed afterparty if there was some..
well there's nothing left to say except see you (most likely) in Marof on April 27th when there will be playing Canine and Rules, again not really bands by my taste but...you know what they say - support your local diy hc punk scene or die!..

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