Tuesday, 20 December 2016


just recently I found out about this webzine.. you can read there a lot of quite interesting stuff, not only focused on scene and hc punk but also on movies, literature traveling, etc.. (it reminds me a lot on Helly Cherry when it's about the content).. it's mostly on croatian, except some interviews which are on english.. probablly the most interesting thing for me is a series of posts about Čakovec's hc punk scene in the past, mostly things that the author experienced as he was part of that scene and I already before heard some of those stories, some even experienced by myself 'cause then was my beginnings in hc punk and Čakovec is pretty close to the place I live..
to cut it short, as I already mentioned it's focused on variety of things so I'm sure you'll find something interesting for yourself.. go check it here: https://kraykulla.wordpress.com

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