Friday, 8 April 2016

DISBAJA live @ Gromka, Ljubljana 20.03.2016. - video

it seems that Disbaja machine rolls pretty serious and don't show any intention to stop and this is great because we talk about, most likely, my favorite (or at least, 2nd favorite, hehe..) band at the moment.. this video is taken at their gig from last month when they were playing with Visions of War and Pakt.. this time with a new vocalist Mitja (Krlja, Seppuku) who fit into just well.. if you'll like what you see/hear in this footage don't miss them live somewhere if you'll have opportunity because it's a thousand time better and mightier experience, trust me..
beside some standard gigs in nearest future they will play on few festivals this summer and also they are preparing an euro tour in 2nd half of this month with Krlja..
enjoy the noise!..

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