Friday, 5 February 2016

DOOM / FIGHT BACK / KRLJA / DISBAJA live @ Akc Medika, Zagreb 8.01.2016

..a lot of beers..
..many people..
..some folks who only come out from their caves for such events..
..few more beers..
..Disbaja, incredibly great band, really, I have no words..
..chaos in my head caused by beers..
..Fight Back kills..
..blood, sweat..
..violent dancing..
..surprisingly (!?) good Doom..
..alcoholic coma..
..getting lost..
..bus station..
..dry sandwiches..
..bijeli boro..
..ah, the memories on some old times..


axegrinder said...

jel valjo fb?
grinder axe

..crucified freedom.. said...

je, je.. odlično bilo, nadam se da bude još prilike vidjeti negde..