Monday, 26 October 2015

GUTTERSKULL - Crawling in Disgust - tape

GutterSkull is a brand new project from Požega, run by Kktz.. it's actually a one-man band playing mix of classic d-beat and black metal in just typical of him, primitive and raw style with great short lyrics full of pessimism, anguish and darkness.. this is published as a tape on Olden Sonorities and it's cost is 20 kn..

here's nice review from Crust Demos blog:

"GutterSkull come from Požega-Slavonia County, Croatia and its the one man project of kktz, member of Nuclear Altar (who's Blessed Ruins was a great shit of D-Beat) and author of the now defunt Wasted Potentials and Corpus Delicti blogs. Crawling in Disgust is the first recorded material for GutterSkull and delivers a blending of D-beat and metal: The drumming is D-beat and runs in the typical for a D-beat band paces, the guitar is raw and primitive and delivers the usual three chord riffs and these are omens of another Dis band walking in the room but here enter new elements: The guitar sound has a rough (black) metal edged feeling while the vocals are totally black metal morbid shrieks instead of the usual shouts or screams, they create a sinister feeling and reminiscent the Warmaggedon era of Disflesh, even the lyrics are dark and pessimistic ("March of the wounded Fate worse than death "). If there is a term to coin here and describe Crawling in Disgust, then is the Blackened D-beat. There are eleven tracks here incl. the Thermonuclear Devastation cover of Onlaught. All and all this is a honest and nice effort and manages to mix D-beat and extreme metal in a cool way. This came out as cassette by Olden Sonorities limited to 50 hand numbered copies and is also available in bandcamp."


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