Saturday, 5 September 2015


I remember, back then when I was a kid, 1st or 2nd tape ever bought from some distro was Mrtvá Budoucnost/Dislike split tape.. at that time I was just discovering the whole hc punk thing and only listen to few punk or hc punk bands.. I remember when this came with post my 1st thought was that there's something wrong with the cassette, that tape is fcked up or something and put it aside.. but my curiosity didn't let me calm so I give it a few more tries.. and with every new listening this enormous noise get more and more sense and such music (extreme hc, crust...) slowly become, and still is actually my favorite genre.. and of course Mrtvá Budoucnost, since then have special place in my heart..

so, Mrtvá Budoucnost was extreme hc band from Czech R., active in 90's and early 00's.. some members were/are later in also well known See You in Hell.. they were pretty much active with couple of euro tours, bunch of gigs and numerous releases..

recently I found this live footage from their gig at Obscene Society back then in 2000, and I knew that this is a must have post for my blog, so here it is.. sound quality is excellent (heheh) so don't be afraid to put your speakers/headphones to maximum and enjoy this madness..

also there is interesting interview with Filip (guitar) at Knives&Forks so go check it here:

and for the end here are some lyrics sheets, from their split EP with Pangs of Remorse and split tape with Dislike, for die hard fans.. (click on the picture for larger size..)


Anonymous said...

oooo daaa
e natežem kozela za roge i slušam

yogi said...

MB is one of my favourite bands, i love their sound, pozdrav.. :-)

..crucified freedom.. said...

@ štakor - hehe, basš ti se paše kozel i mrtva.. bum sutra našel neke slovence da si još one zlatoroge moreš spiti.. ;)

@ yogi - yes, to me also.. there's nothing better then have a cold beer and play their side of split with p.o.r. on vinyl..