Wednesday, 28 January 2015


friend of mine reminded me today on answering some questions for one 'zine, like some poll among zine makers here in Croatia on which I absolutely forgot and really don't have energy and will (and the time, as well to be honest) for answering on them at the moment (sorry goes to the author of this 'zine).. also the future of Mentalna Smrt 'zine is very uncertain, I mean one day I got all the enthusiasm and willingness of the world for writing and zine making but then another day I start questioning myself if there is any sense of doing it, I usually don't like material I wrote a couple days ago, etc, plus my big laziness, lack of free time, some other interests I'm in lately and one with another... this means I'm not really sure if I'm still part of this little zinemaking world and competent to answer such questions.. but, okay it's a theme for some other time and you'll be updated about everything related to Mentalna Smrt when the time comes..
and yes, all that reminded me that I could at least give some support and spread the word about people who aren't such lazy and hesitant bastards like me and their zines which I get few months ago.. so here we go..

first we have Special People Club which is is an art 'zine from Slovenia (!?) and this is it's 1st number.. it consists of some cool and some not so cool (hehehe) artworks and that's pretty much it, there's no any intro or texts pointing on what is all this here about but probably some artworks speaks for itself, it's like some author's personal/internal story crawls through artworks.. 24 A5 pages, black and white, I assume it's free, not really sure when it's published but I do believe it's somewhere in the second part of 2014.. okay that's all I know or don't know and if you're interested in try at:


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