Thursday, 13 March 2014

hi, my name is... and I'm a bookoholic

since I'm a professional unemployed I have plenty of free time.. so, few months back, in one of many days I didn't know what to do with myself I decide to start reading.. when I've read every single book I was able to find at home or borrow from friends, there was nothing to do except to join the library and the other is history..
books - the new love in my life was born.. I mean , I always like to read some book from time to time but never so serious like now, actually I realized that I'm book-addicted.. in last 6 months I've read 40+ books, okay some 50% were Scandinavian crime novels (Larsson, Nesbo, Roslund/Hellstrom & co) but also some really cool books like D. Mitchell's "Cloud Atlas", J. Zeh's "Corpus Delicti" and "Eagles and Angels" (she is damn good writer, on kind a strange way),  M. Zusak's "The Book Thief", C. Palahniuk's "Fight Club", A. Huxley's "Brave New World" and just beautiful series about dr. Hannibal Lecter by T. Harris (3rd book in series, named "Hannibal" is absolutely perfect).. also some anarchist authors like N. Chomsky, A. M. Bonanno and A. J. Cappaletti were passing thro' my hands.. as you can see there is not any rule in what I read, everything that seems interesting at 1st sight works for me.. tomorrow I go to the library, can't wait to see with what I will surprise myself..
okay, the point is if you have time to waste go read some books, later you will realize that this wasn't wasted time at all.. yes I'm philosopher now, heheh..
if someone have any suggestion for what to read, feel free to leave a comment..

"We live in a primitive time, don't we? - neither savage nor wise.
Half measures are curse of it.
  Any rational society would even kill me or give me my books."

                                dr. Hannibal Lecter (T. Harris - Red Dragon)


yogi said...

pozdrav friend... i am also unemployed :) lately i started read old, good SF (asimov, clarke, dick, ellison), i like also authors as hoimar von ditfurth, jurgen thorwald, mika waltari... cheers :)

..crucified freedom.. said...

hey mate!.. yes, SF is definitely genre I'm interested in, but didn't read almost nothing, so I will check some of those authors you mentioned for sure.. thanks for reference..

Anonymous said...

kume čekiraj Hyperion(Dan Simmons)...mene oduševil
ak trebaš posudim ti

..crucified freedom.. said...

isto neki sf kolko vidim, ne?.. budem pročital.. ako nema v knjižnici buš posudil..