Thursday, 24 January 2013


"some time has passed since the June 18th, 2011 when we settled in spaces on Kolodvorska 2, at the railway station in Kranj, Slovenia.. back then nobody's property, today property of M. O. Kranj.. from September 2011 to 2012 we've carried out around 100 events organized by KUD Subart, Vibe Department, NKLG, Spiritual Submarine, Foresdelic, Volume, Interparty, KD Quilenium, The Mor(R)ons...
in a single year we managed to unite almost all active local organizers of non-commercial alternative events under the one roof.. the space has become a shelter, meeting point, we could also say center of Kranj's urban, non-commercial, alternative and youth culture which has already established at home as well as abroad..
also, you can find us in the book of the Office for Youth and Institutions Pohorje's Battalion named "Na Trdna Tla" (On Solid Ground O.E.) which represents the importance of this kind of "wild" venues in Slovenia.. 

currently in the spaces there are:
club - a multipurpose space for events
studio - space for artists, screen printing, sewing room, painting and sculpture
music studio - for bands, DJs and producers
skate ramp - for skating and rollerblading
and some smaller club space with computers, kitchen, bar, etc..

thanks to all the visitors, supporters, crew and all others who stand by us and collaborate with us.. The train goes on, to see the next station have a look at current program here:"

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