Wednesday, 19 December 2012

SCHIZO #7, #8 fanzine

7th issue of this 'zine was published on September, 2011.. on 44 pages you can read interviews with Besthoven (mostly about their recent euro tour), Blanks 77, Buiten Gebruik, For Fuck Sake, Menace, Pistofficer and Stagebottles.. except those interviews there are also report from Buiten Gebruik/Spotlics euro tour, gig report, few articles about elitism on punk scene, about football where author is comparing football fans and supporters with d.i.y. punk scene and few more.. and for the end we have a tons of records and 'zine reviews.. the biggest news from the earlier issues is that in this one there is more author's articles and thoughts and less interviews which is commendable, in my opinion..

in number 8, which was released on May, 2012 we have interviews with bands Partiya, Toxik Ephex, Inner Equilibrium, Subcultural, Subalert and also with Really Fast records, then we have Belarus and Goiana (Brazil) scene reports, reviews, few articles and already familiar, from previous numbers, pool on the theme of Swedish bands.. all that on 56 pages.. at the end I must mention that the interviews in this 'zine going better, more detailed and interesting from every new number.. also thanx to Micke for mentioning this blog in his 'zine.. at Schizo blog you can download print or reading versions of those two numbers, same as previous ones or you can read them online..

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