Sunday, 23 September 2012

BEZ STILA #1 fanzine

here we have one more project of d.i.y. initiative Crni Flomaster.. 1st num of this 'zine was published last month and pretty much all the material for it was done on one nice sunny day when C.F. crew gathered in front of their place under the sunny sky and started to draw and write some really good shits.. except those artworks which has been made that day, on 28 pages in total, you can read 2 texts by Alan Gott and few poems..
'zine is free of payments and of course if you want you can donate something.. next workshop for this 'zine will be held in Rijeka on 28th of September so if you are around you know what you must do..
culture and art like form of resistance!..
for more info and to get your copy write at:

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