Thursday, 2 August 2012

PARTiYA needs help with euro tour

It is not obligatory to stick exactly to this plan. If you could help us with gigs in some other cities on our way or you know someone who can help, please, contact us.

23.09 [NEED HELP!] Poland / Germany
24.09 [NEED HELP!] Germany, Leipzig / Dresden
25.09 [NEED HELP!] Germany, Koln
26.09 [???] Luxemburg, Luxemburg
27.09 France, Besancon «Bar Les Arcades»
28.09 France, Montpellier, tba
29.09 Spain, Barcelona «La Jungla»
30.09 Spain, Madrid, «Coko» squat
01.10 [NEED HELP!] Portugal, Lisbon
02.10 [NEED HELP!] Portugal, Porto
03.10 [NEED HELP!] Spain, Salamanca
04.10 [NEED HELP!] Spain, Bilbao
05.10 [NEED HELP!] France, Toulouse
06.10 France, Saint-Etienne «La Gueule Noire»
07.10 [NEED HELP!] Switzerland
08.10 [NEED HELP!] Germany, Gotha
09.10 [NEED HELP!] Germany / Poland

27.09 - 06.10 we will play together with HUMAN COMPOST (metal-crust friends from France):
We are 4 people from PARTiYA + driver and several people of support.
We have only amps (without boxes)…
We would like to get some money as we need to pay for the rent of bus and petrol! And we need some food, drinks and sleeping places if it is possible.
Please, send your answers on the email:
...and repost this message to friends who can help us.
Greetings and thanks in advance! Hope to see you!
Mysh / PARTiYA

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Anonymous said...

poslal sam ovo Ari na mejl, pa možda im on kaj sredi u njemačkoj