Saturday, 18 February 2012

diy non-profit "book" with useful vocabulary for bands on tour in 24 languages

I've got an e-mail from Richard last week where he ask me to help him with his project.. I was very surprised with this interesting idea and I'm so glad that someone is actually doing stuff like that..
check what this is all about below and contact him if you can help..

"I send you this e-mail cause I need help !
I'm preparing a diy non-profit "book" with the whole useful vocabulary for bands on tour in 24 languages.
It'll consist in 5 booklets in a "box" with a cd. All the sleeves will be silk screen printed in a diy workshop in Grenoble (F).
All the translations are almost ok but I'm looking for people who could record the texts in mp3 files in their own language.
That means :
- the general title
- the title of the 5 parts
- 70 sentences or lists of words

It approx. represents a 9 minute recording.

Of course, you'll receive a sampler if you're ok.

I'm also looking for people to record it in greek, finnish, portuguese, dutch, danish, hungarian, esperanto, romanian and russian.

Many thanks for your help.
Take care"

deadline for this is March 15th.. show your support and prove that the diy spirit is still alive..
write at:

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