Tuesday, 2 August 2011

WHIT MARLEY SQUAT (Birmingham Social Centre) info

What we aim to do?
The Whit Marley Building has been left empty for a number of years.  Much has been striped out an the building is slowly detoriating. Buildings like this are part of Birmingham’s heritage, we want to take care of it while it is unused and put it to use as a comunity centre.
We are currently doing up the building and creating meeting spaces which we want to let groups use for free. Some of us are university students, some of us are teachers and we aim to provide free A level and GCSE tution in most subjects once the building has been done up.  We are aimming to run a “Free Shop” in which people will be able to drop off unused items for others to take for free.

Why are we doing this?
We want to make a point about waste, Birmingham has the most abandoned buildings in the country and sadly the highest rates of homelessness. We live in a society that is intesensly wasteful we are doing this because we want something that is visibly the opposite.
We all have strong politicial convictions; we live in times and a country where the whims of media barons are given more attention by governments than ordinary people. Viable and profitable pensions are being raided to give money to the rich, education is again being made a preserve of the few… we want change and if you think like us come join us.

The tea shop is now open at the social centre everyday 10am-5pm. Comfy sofas, lots of reading materials are provided along with as much tea as you drink. It is a anti-capitalist cafe, so pay/donate whatever you can afford or think is fair.
Come by and spend sometime chilling soon.

For those of you who want updates about our comings, goings and what you can do to support us and the project there are a number of ways to keep in touch.
1. Our Facebook page, like us to see updates
2. Sign up to our text update service by texting “social centre” and your name to 07988056867 .
3. Sign up to our mailing list e-mail Brumsocialcentre@gmail.com your name and “mailing list”.


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