Friday, 30 July 2010

SCHIZO #5 fanzine

"Yes, at least it's out. A month delayed, but I had some problems with my computer and the weather have made me lazy. But now... You will as usual have a few different ways to read, download, print, trade, sell... and it's FREE to download. If you wanna print it for your distro or trading, don't sell it too expensive. And it's no copyrights, but it would be nice if you inform me just for my own knowledge."

it's nice to see that not all zine makers give up after 2 or 3 numbers.. so here is already 5th number of Schizo fanzine (this time with shorted name, not more Schizofrehn but only Schizo)..
48 pages with predominantly white lay out for cheaper printing..
the main cause of this 'zine is to introduce readers with as many bands as space is allowing and I think that it succeeds in that..
pretty much material for reading is squeezed on those 48 pages, so you can read interviews with: Dead Subvert, Under Al Kritik, Iszonyat, A.U.K., Wages Of Fear, Atomic Pollution, Screaming From The Gutter collective and with Radical Roots 'zine, then there are Filthy Charity tour reports from Sweeden written by Micke who was organizing this tour to them and one written by band, also scene infos from Ukraine and Hungary and something new in Schizo fanzine: 3 quick questions to band or a person, this time to: Plevok, O.O.T.L., Insomnia Isterica, Down to Kill, Meinhof, Pipes and Pints and to City Rat records.. also there are few author's personal short articles, and that is only thing missing in this 'zine, hope in next numbers will be more of them!..
all numbers of this 'zine, including this one were in online and pdf form, but next will be in paper form also which is very commendable today when paper 'zines are in such rarity..
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