Tuesday, 25 May 2010

WxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC / KRLJA / DROB / NONSENSE 2.04.2010. Evergreen, Požega

it's been a while since this gig happened (almost 2 months) but as some of my friends were asking me to write something about it, here it is.. actually, only now, when some time had passed and after conversation with friends who was there, I remember some details and things that was happened those two days (damned alcohol, heheh)..
when I was heard that Nonsense will have show in Požega I've told myself: you can't miss that!.. 'cause they play live shows really rare (only 3 gigs in 2 or 3 years) and they are my favorite band from this area.. when it turned out that this will be humanitarian gig and there will play some other cool bands I was delighted!..
it was sun... (fuck it, I don't know if it was sunny day, actually think that was cold, especially at the evening) Friday.. I was done with my job a little earlier as it's usually because some holidays (Friday before Easter), same as my friends so we move on the road somewhere around 3:00 pm.. there was 5 of us in mighty FIAT car.. we had passed 220km for a little over 3 hours, with usually resting stops (read: drinking stops, hehhe)..
when we arrived in Požega we found cafe bar Evergreen with little help of kind local citizens.. there we meet some friends and the rest of a crew.. time before gig we spend by drinking gallons of wine and some rakija + "few" beers and eating some good cakes..
and then gig started..
first band on the stage was Drob, grind core band from Požega strongly influenced, I would say, by Haemorrhage.. they sounded absolutely great considering that they are only 2 guys in the band, guitar and drums, dual vocals with crazy lyrics like "fuck you, I fucked your girlfriend.. with the broken glass!!".. crazy and sick!..
after them band that I really like very much Nonsense from Požega.. old school trash influenced by ex-yu '80
hardcore.. it means raw, fast and straight into the head, just like it should be!.. great band, only maybe too short appearance on the stage but that's because of their short songs.. anyhow don't miss them if you had chance too see them live..
third on the stage that night were Krlja, young grind band from Samobor.. I sad young 'cause they play only a year or something about that, but members have some experience from some other well known bands, like True, in which they was active before.. that was 2nd time I had watched them in only one week.. they played weekend before at gig in Novi Marof, as well.. they are pretty active when it's about the gigs in last time..
and for the end, last but not least, WxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC from Austria, playin' gore death metal.. not actually my style of music but they were great,too.. they seems like great guys, ready for fun and conversation with people before and after the gig, as well.. they even sing "happy birthday" with rest of the crowd to my friend who was celebrating his birthday.. and yes, did I mentioned that every band has dedicated at least one of their songs to the crew from Vž. Toplice, we were main attraction, and most drunk bastards there, hehehh..
after the gig we continue with desolation of the bar and socializing with the rest of the crew.. we had visited few more bars which were opened longest in the night and in the morning we hosted ourselves at nearby gas station and we continue with alcohol devastation.. actually here party begins, heheh.. I love those day-after parties.. they are the best!..
we was waiting for our driver to get sober (or he wait for us to get more drunk,hehhe!?) and then we goes back on the road to home..
we all agreed that this was the best gig and party lately, we had so much fun!.. also we decided that we will go on next Nonsense gig, no matter where, for sure!..



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