Monday, 28 December 2009

3 FOR 60/HELLSHOCK 22.11.2009. Time, Zagreb

I was waiting for this concert for 2 months,since I was heard that Hellshock will have euro tour and among other, they will play in Zagreb,too.. I mean, it isn't every day that some famous American band comes to play in Croatia,hehe..
this time we go as as a full crew, 5 of us in my car.. we arrived there about 7:30 PM when in front of Time were just few was cold outside, so we go in the club and there wait for beginning of a gig.. at this moment Slovenians 3 For 60 was having sound rehearsal.. I heard that they are ex Sodn Dan, so I was glad to hear them 'cause I liked Sodn Dan very much..after some time concert begins and in club comes more and more people.. first on stage were, already mentioned, 3 For 60..they even played one song of S. Dan "I disagree" and that was their the best song.. I liked their music but didn't like doesn't sound me good..he shout a little then he talk, like some rap,hehe.. I didn't like that but as a whole band they were okay.. after them a little break which we used for checking some distribution, Agipunk from Italy, I think.. great distro with lots of great records.. I noticed that on concert was many people from abroad, like Italy, Slovenia, and from all parts of Croatia..

and then Americans, Hellshock start with playing..they come from Portland,Oregon(USA), exist from 2000. and they are quite known all over the world..some members plays or were playing in some other bands like Atrocious Madness, Detestation, From Ashes Rise,Warcry...
what to say about their performance?! explosion and destruction from the beginning..after some problems with the microphone (btw, which was problem for 3 For 60,too) at the first song, furious show continues 'till the end.. they play exactly how they should, not too short, and not too long.. they sound really powerful, like on their records too, and they didn't disappointed me at all, like no one else too, i think..

after the gig we was discuss about what they play, is this crust or metal.. I still think that this is good crust core, or stench core as some call that kind of music and this have nothing with metal, hehe.. anyway, another one great band in the row that are visited Croatia in last time, and that is great.. again one small reproach to organizers, because there wasn't any local bands included, but never mind.. it's better something that nothing.. 'till the next time!..
p.s. - photos are stolen from my space pages of some friends..hope they don't mind..

club Time

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